TFS Integration Platform – What is the Lookup Service? Q&A-27 Errata 1

In TFS Integration Platform – What is the Lookup Service? Q&A-27 we introduced the LookupService, which had two “Warning: Not yet implemented … watch the space” warnings at the end.

The following features have just been delivered and will be making an appearance on the forthcoming Codeplex drops at

In the following configuration snippet and mapping  rule, "TestUser" from left will be transformed to "TestUser (Demo Organization)".

<DisplayNameMappings DirectionOfMapping="LeftToRight">
<DisplayNameMapping Left="*" Right="{0}(Demo Organization)" MappingRule="FormatStringComposition" />


… whereas the following rule decomposes Test User (Demo Organization) to TestUser.

<DisplayNameMappings DirectionOfMapping="RightToLeft">
<DisplayNameMapping Left="{0} (Demo Organization)" Right="*" MappingRule="FormatStringDecomposition" />


Some points to highlight:

  • Composition and decomposition is one-way at this stage in terms of the “LeftToRight” and “RightToLeft” in the context of DirectionOfMapping.
  • The rules are applicable to "DisplayNameMappings", "AliasMappings" and "DomainMappings".
  • The LookupService is currently focused on WIT artefacts only.
  • If the user credentials on source A and target B are different, you need to create an associated mapping in the configuration file as the lookup service does not have a crystal ball (yet). For instance, DomainX\TestUser can be mapped to DomainY\DemoUser in the configuration by creating:
    • An Alias mapping to map TestUser to DemoUser
    • A domain mapping from DomainX to DomainY
    • … in this case lookup service will populate the Display Name with the information it retrieves from Active Directory (AD).

NOTE: We are currently working on configuration guidance documentation, which will consolidate and supplement this and other configuration specific posts on the TFS Integration Platform, as listed in TFS Integration Platform – Summary of Links.

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