Reminder of the table of contents (treasure maps) included on the Rangers blog

I am frequently asked where do I find a list of specific  blog posts on this blog. Well, we have two basic potions of magic dust we can sprinkle on the blog to give you a bit of a head start:Blue Men at a Bench at a Bus Stop Clipart Illustration

  1. Tags
    1. Simply select the relevant tag and the blog search engine will assist you.
    2. The tags included on this blog at this stage include:
      • Chatter - General and often non-technical chatter
      • Debugging - Debugging focused chatter
      • Events - Events, i.e. TechDays, TechEd, training
      • Guidance - Guidance related information
      • MCDC - Microsoft Canada Development Centre
      • MVP - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
      • Personal - Personal chatter
      • Powershell - Powershell related information
      • Rangers - VSTS Rangers
      • SAArchitect - South-African Architect Community
      • SDLC - Software Development Lifecycle Management
      • TFS - Team Foundation Server
      • TFSAG – Rangers TFS Architecture Guidance
      • TFSBG - Rangers TFS Branching Guidance
      • TFSDB - Rangers Database Guidance
      • TFSMIS - Rangers Migration and Integration Services
      • TFSQR - Rangers TFS Quick Reference Guide
      • TFSRM - Rangers TFS Requirements Management
      • TFSTG - Rangers TFS Performance Testing Guidance
      • TFSUG - Rangers TFS Upgrade Guidance
      • TFSVM - Rangers TFS Virtualization and Factory Guidance
      • UNISA - University of South-Africa
      • VSTS - Visual Studio Team System
      • VSTS2010 - Visual Studio 2010 and team Foundation Server 2010
      • WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
      • Widget - 3rd party, community and MVP widgets, tools and extensions to products such as TFS and VSTS.
  2. Table-of-Content posts (*1) 
    1. Find the “Table of content (TOC) posts” in the navigation pane on the right.
    2. The TOC posts currently include the following:

image*2 is a list of other useful links. 

We are investigating a different blog look-and-feel, which will would introduce TOC tags at the top for easier access and navigation.

… and now to brace ourselves for the imminent product launch wave 🙂

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