What do you get when you throw a large number of developers in a room?

Today we were also invited to a great development session, which had two teams competing against each other demonstrating the old versus the new technologies … for me the session was interesting, fun and managed to bring together a large number of developers at an event dominated by non-development engineers. For me the latter, bringing together a family of developers, was the main objectives and the presenters score full points!

here are a few snapshots from the session, showing just what can happen when you throw developers in a room 🙂

P3220169P3220170P3220172… exceptional guys were spotted behind the monitor, having a chat or simply relaxing against the wall.
P3220173P3220175P3220176  … scoring of solutions, resulted in one team wining and the other with pie/whipped-cream in their face.

This was definitely an out of the ordinary, but definitely interesting and fun event. Thanks guys!

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  1. Where is the picture of chuck with cream on his face?

  2. We were too slow or he was too quick to turn away … there is, however, a video recording of the event and we will see whether we cannot find Chuck in there 🙂

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