Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Guidance – Are we on the right track with our scenarios and diagrams?

We have recently released the early DRAFT scenario outlines of our Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Guidance project to a small community of rangers and product group members, with the intent to get early feedback and especially warning signals if we are straying off what is perceived as important to “you”. We are not ready to share the guidance on a broader scale, but would like to share two of the diagrams which are becoming the base foundation for the guidance … your candid feedback will be highly appreciated as usual.

Note that we will inject colour into the final diagrams … the monochrome look and feel adds a pinch of nostalgia and mystery to the diagrams 🙂Clipart Illustration of a White Character Resting Against A Compass By A House With An Energy Rating Graph On Blueprints With Rulers And A Pen

The core focus of the first guidance package

Slide1… shows the core scenarios and suggested extensibility scenarios.

The base flow of materializing a solution as seen by the team

Slide5 … a suggested materialization map.

Other interesting references

Also make sure to explore these two extension nuggets for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, both of which will be used as part of the guidance:

Comments? Feedback? Please send us your thoughts so that we can align ourselves with your expectations and ensure maximum value add.

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  1. It would also be nice to see exactly how this maps to the roles in the teams and also how this fits into the MSF for Agile, MSF and Scrum processes.

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