TFS Integration Platform – Moving away from the TIP Heteronym

Huh Heteronym? Looking it up I found “A heteronym is word that is spelled and sounds the same but has different meanings”.

Huh TIP? We all love or hate acronyms and in the world of TFS Integration Platform the TIP acronym is crept in to replace the long version of TFS Integration Platform, as well as the Tip-of-the-Iceberg scenario, creating an interesting discussion foundation as you constantly have to fall into an exception scope to determine which TIP is meant in the context.

The conclusion is simple …

  1. TFS Integration Platform will no longer be referred to as TIP, as it should have been TFSIP to start with and as we are trying to reduce the confusion.

  2. Tip-of-the-iceberg scenario will no longer be associated with the iceberg or referred to as TIP. It is called the Snapshot Migration scenario in revised guidance and posts such as Aligning the terminology we use for migrations.

Lime Green Man Standing With His Hands on His Hips Clipart Illustration

The process will take slightly longer …

  1. New and revised guidance and documentation will no longer refer to the acronym TIP.

  2. Older and yet-to-be revised guidance and documentation may still contain the unfortunate TLA (three lettered acronym), but we will perform a cleanup as part of the documentation refactoring exercise we are planning.


image … highlight any contraventions to us … it will take us a while to erase the TIP TLA in our minds 🙂

Comments (1)

  1. *sob* just as I was about to send out my draft documentation, it’s back to the writing desk to change the documents. Thankfully I have no bad TIP puns to rewrite 😉

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