TFS Integration Platform – why does the Codeplex Installation fail on TFS 2010 RC? Question & Answer 22

Orange Person Seeing Stars And Lying On Their Back After Slipping In Front Of A Caution Sign Clipart Illustration Image We are getting reports of the following error blocking the evaluation of TFS Integration Platform using the Getting Started Guidance and the tooling install from Codeplex.




The TFS Integration Platform installer, dated 15th February or before, is targeting TFS 2010 BETA2. If you install and run the BETA-2 version on a TFS 2010 Release Candidate (RC) environment, you will encounter the error as shown above.
imagecurrently the Codeplex site has an installer, dated 15th February 2010, which targets TFS 2010 BETA 2.


Obtain a copy of the TFS Integration Platform installation package that targets TFS 2010 RC, when evaluating and testing in a RC environment.

Give me a shout if you urgently need an interim RC build for the TFS Integration Platform.

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