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We have been reviewing feedback and recommendations in terms of the Codeplex sites, the download structure and the artefacts within downloads and are pleased to announce that once again the Visual Studio ALM Rangers are responding to candid feedback and adjusting the solution content accordingly.  This is the second round of changes, the first of which were highlighted in We asked, we are listening and we are acting … XPS vs PDF vs RAW documentation formats.

In essence we will reduce the number of download pages to preferably one (maximum two) and include granular downloads were applicable, but by default include all the artefacts in the default download using the XPS (XML Paper Specification) format for documentation. In addition we are adding a complete package, which includes PDF (Portable Document Format) and Office (2007) document types for easier use and re-use.

The two projects which have been aligned accordingly at this stage include:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance

  • Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 VM Factory

… other Visual Studio ALM Rangers solutions on Codeplex will be scheduled for alignment.

The following diagram highlights the main changes:

  1. The default download, which is tied to the main download button on Codeplex as shown, refers to the XPS based package that contains all of the artefacts.
  2. The rest of the downloads are granular downloads, retained mainly for backwards compatibility, and “complete” packages, which embrace all mentioned document formats.
  3. … not really a change, but the number of downloads and the rating are a great signal that we are on the right track with this specific solution and thus worth highlighting 🙂
    image … although we do not yet have a chain-reaction, the download graphs show an upward trend, which I guess is a good thing:)


Thanks for your candid feedback to date and for helping us improve the deliverables!

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  1. This is a great response to the feedback!  Very good improvements…

    Thanks guys!

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