TFS Integration Platform – Remember to set “copy local” reference properties to FALSE … why: Question & Answer 20

Pissed Blue Person Breaking A Flat Screen Computer Monitor With A Hammer Clipart Illustration Graphic In a recent custom adapter development we stumbled across another weird run-time error, which became even more obscure as we started discussing,  debugging and troubleshooting the phenomena:

The exception which is relevant in the above screen snippet is: “Method not found”. Looking at code, reverse stepping and discussing it with the platform project team resulted in no idea what the mysterious exception was caused by.

An inspection of the project settings revealed, however, that many of the copy local properties were set to TRUE, which which unfortunately is the default in Visual Studio. As a result we have updated the Custom Adapter POC guidance documentation on to include the following adapter development guideline under point 3.5 in the manual:

  • Verify that the reference properties “copy local” are not set to true.

After we (primarily Terry) deleted the redundant assemblies in the Plugin folder and fixed the following properties in the custom adapter project properties, the spurious exception disappeared.

So, if you are using the TFS Integration Platform code base and/or are developing custom adapters, please keep the above in mind!

Please also continue reporting any strange phenomena in the platform to us and keep the candid feedback streaming in!

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