Rangers – Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtualization Guidance ships to Codeplex

Happy Blue Man Partying With a Party Hat, Confetti and a Bottle of Liquor Clipart Illustration Cowabunga! We have just published the first release of the Rangers guidance to Codeplex at: http://ranversvsvmfactory.codeplex.com/

image Residential district with chimneys

Special thanks goes to Bijan for the project razor-focused coordination and all of the active Rangers leads and contributors which include: Brian Randell, Corey Hynes, David V. Corbin,  Etienne Tremblay, Henk van de Crommert, Jason Neave, John Robbins, Paul Meyer, Robert MacLean, Ted Malone, Tony Feissle, Willie Roberts and Zayd Kara.

Give us feedback, so that we can revise and improve the content for the next release.

We are planning updates for all of the major Visual Studio 2010 releases, including Release Candidate and Release to Market and will also share user stories from factories, such as the one under construction in South-Africa, in the near future.

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