TFS Integration Platform – A new release has been dropped on Codeplex

Serious Blue Man Reading Papers and Documents Clipart IllustrationA new version (Changeset 45445) of the TFS Integration Platform codebase, installer, documentation, guidance and hands-on-labs has been dropped on Codeplex today.

What’s changed?

Looking at the check-in comments, we have a substantial amount of features and bug fixes added in this release.

  • Important changes

    • DB project is converted to use DBPro GDR R2

    • New WorkFlowType is introduced in toolkit.

    • Toolkit is backward compatible (support for old work flow types persisted in DB), but doesn't support importing a new configuration file with old work flow type

  • Toolkit

  • Adaptersj0444214

    • Wit adapter: add project-scope context to query base

    • Fixes two problems in the SyncMonitorProvider implementation in the WIT adapters:

      • Correctly issues the WIQL query with [TeamProject] == @Project

      • Handles the case where the version string stored for a TFS work item has a string that's not an integer (e.g. "Attachment")

  • Guidance

    • Revised hands-on labs and documentation to align with codebase and to take advantage of new features.

    • The following documentation has been revised:

      • TFS Integration Platform - Architecture Overview

      • TFS Integration Platform - Custom Adapter POC

      • TFS Integration Platform - Getting Started

      • TFS Integration Platform - Migration Guidance

      • TFS Integration Platform - Planning Poster

In parallel we are making great progress at a number of migration proof-of-concepts, which are going to bring a wealth of features, administrative support and new adapter provider support to the platform. Watch the space!

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