TFS Integration Platform – @@MISSINGFIELD@@: Question & Answer 16

Looking at the following TFS Integration platform configuration file extract we notice the @@MISSINGFIELD@@ token.



What does this mean?


When we are mapping fields from the left (source) to the right (target) or visa versa, we may encounter missing fields due to different field templates. The @@MISSINGFIELD@@ token allows us to configure a field on the one side that is populated with a default, even though its counterpart is missing.

The example shows that System.State is mapped from the left, using a value of Proposed. Similarly Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.RequirementType is mapped from the left, using a value of Scenario.


The configuration file is bursting with small and powerful nuggets as this one and in episode 17 of the Q&A series, we will take a peek at a new field aggregation feature.

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