Groundcover … these boots are made for walking!

My wife and oldest son have just arrived in Canada and the family is finally united again for a white Christmas.

My eyes lit up when they gave me my two new pairs of Groundcover shoes, both fitted with the infamous 4x4 off-road soles. P2150073While I used to swear by Cat… shoes, my dear friend Henk (“Mumbles”) introduced me to Groundcover when we were still in South-Africa and the boots I subsequently nought on his recommendations have served me well 24x7, in rain, heat, mud, snow and ice … when everyone starts slipping around, when everyone stands there trampling freezing feet, I am snugly warm and firm on the ground in my 4x4 Tracker and Off-Road boots.

These shoes are hand-made, made from genuine leather, high-quality, very cost effective and worth every cent. The service from Groundcover is also exceptional and therefore these products come highly recommended.

The temperatures are currently –2 degrees in Vancouver, with an excepted –7 by Wednesday … no fear in the Groundcover boot … "I am “covered”.

Robert, if you read this, remember to bring warm woollies and  good boots with you on your sabbatical 🙂

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