Remember your backups …

Sometime within the past 48 hours the main disk drive in my server decided to start a meltdown sequence, first demonstrating slowdown of performance and growing disk queue lengths, then weird behaviour and finally a few strange fuuiiiiiiiiips sounds and imageclicks, followed by the ominous blue screen … then the black screen with the friendly message “cannot find boot device”.

Well, it ran 24x7 for the past 10 months which in my opinion is a fairly short lifespan for brand device 🙁

Positive vibes … at times such as these I watch my favourite you tube snippet, whereby the longer version at is probably more suitable as the crater that the event left was quite substantial.

Fortunately my paranoid Swiss genes force me to perform regular backups, filing up every external drive I can lay my hands on and even duplicating and more recently triplicating backups on remote servers such as my colleague’s Bijan servers.

I had several Ranger VM’s running for testing and research, all of which were exported, zipped and copied to remote servers and the Rangers Virtualization factory, for which I unfortunately only have an export dated October 16th.

However, thanks to the power of virtualization, hyper-v and the factory is alive and kicking again on a temporary server, currently synchronizing with the factory in the Netherlands. It is at times such as these that I realise and appreciate the effort we invest in making our solutions simple and recoverable 🙂 Simplicity rocks!

Wise men say … “there are no problems, just challenges and we always learn from them!”





So, to cut a long story short: Remember your backups! They come in very handy at time like these!

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  1. You should try for backups – been running the free version it for the last few months and it has been great. Offsite, over the internet backups 🙂

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