Rangers Visual Studio 2010 Architect Edition Guidance: Kickoff!

The latest Rangers project just “kicked off” this morning and my next dev lead adventure. Included in this post is the motivation, the vision and the objective of the project, whereby I am more than happy to discuss more details with you if needed. For the sake of text re-use, all text indicated in italic has been copy-pasted from the project announcement emails from Clipart Illustration of a White Person With A Red Megaphone Head, Shouting Out InformationBijan:


The Visual Studio 2010 Architect edition is paradigm shift in application design and development. The best practices are unknown at this stage, which means that the field, customers and partners have a hard time figuring out how to leverage tools and features effectively.


Provide guidance for VSTS 2010 Architect Edition based on real world best practices from PG SMEs and VSTS Rangers to help customers successfully adopt the new features


As part of the scope we are planning to cover both guidance and extensibility. As with all other rangers projects the scope includes a hands-on-labs as well and we want to ship with or preferably before Visual Studio 2010 is released to market.

The team is made up of a number of members from the product group and from the Rangers, and is promising to deliver invaluable guidance for an edition of Visual Studio that I am very excited about. I will share the team leads and their friendly faces as soon as the kick-off dust has settled. Watch the space …

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