The secret of creativity …

Albert Einstein once said: “The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”.

Well, when it comes to the VSTS Rangers solutions and all the creativity that the VSTS Rangers are bringing to life, then there is no hiding of the sources. Check out these VSTS Rangers … there are a few more but we have not got all their pictures (yet).

You should recognise one or more of these creative individuals:


Guys, thank you … you are all amazing! Looking forward to a wave of new VSTS Rangers solutions shipping shortly, which includes TFS 2010 Upgrade Guidance, TFS 2010 Requirements Management Guidance, TFS 2010 Branching Guidance, Virtualization of VSTS 2010, VSTS 2010 101 Guidance and the TFS Integration Platform.

The secret of creativity with the VSTS Rangers is (1) Razor Sharp Focus + (2) Passion for Technology + (3) Commitment to deliver out-of-band solutions.

We could say that all of us have managed to stop being addicted to information technology … when we are asleep 🙂

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