Falling in love with Windows 7 …

It took me forever to move from XP and a short (ad)venture with Vista, to Windows 7 … but after enjoying the stability, the performance and the productivity enhancements for a couple of weeks I wish I had taken the plunge a lot earlier. Bookmark Martin’s post http://www.kulov.net/blogs/martin/2009/10/windows-7-tips.html, which includes some neat features and a reference to more.

BUT … this morning I was confused when I was busy looking at source code using Notepad as I have not installed any development software on my laptop. When I was looking for a file in Windows Explorer I suddenly noticed the Visual Studio icon:

image … doubting myself, I looked at the installed programs … image … no trace of Visual Studio 2010. Huh?

Looking at the properties of one of the “weird” files, revealed the secret:
image image the file opens with Visual Studio 2010 … on my virtual machine, which I installed 3 weeks ago.

WOW! Going to the Virtual PC Settings I found the “Auto publish” feature and beaming over to the help you can find all the details around the feature.


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