Schaub Canada Log: 20091101 … Halloween has come and gone

We are T+9 months, which means we are approaching 1 year in Canada, we have the first Canadian winter ahead of us and have just enjoyed the first real Halloween experience. After a long walk of enjoying the numerous Halloween decorations and the trick or treating, we returned home (frozen to the bone) and enjoyed a Swiss Fondue and Schnapps (unfortunately we could not find Swiss Schnapps, but the Austrian was palatable as well). Here are a few pictures to give those back home an idea of what the atmosphere was:
PA310230 PA310228 PA310229 PA310254 PB010261 PB010262PB010264 PB010265 PA310233

Just before Halloween we also had a great Soccer weekend …

 PA240208 … Shamrocks (Jacques’ team) won 7:0 and  PA310248  … Thunderbirds (Thorsten’s team) 8:5, which allowed me to PA310241 … doze off in the “sun”.

Now to convince my family to spend our Christmas vacation in Alaska …

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