VSTS Rangers Process Improvements – We have listened to your feedback! Part 2 of 3

In VSTS Rangers Process Improvements - We have listened to your feedback! Part 1 of 3 we introduced the first innovation which introduced a consolidated collaboration team site. Our second innovation for the external VSTS Rangers is focused on email communication.

Change #2: Unified Distribution List (DL) for all external VSTS Rangers

Problems we have all encountered (in my own words, I can dig out the emails if necessary):


  • Why am I in a black hole? What happened or is happening?
  • Why are  messages to external VSTS Rangers team project members delayed?
  • What is going on in other VSTS Rangers projects?
  • ... and many more.

Our answer

  • Three Blue Men Using Laptops in an Internet Cafe Clipart IllustrationWe have created a single distribution list for all active, external VSTS Rangers. Both Bijan and I will be using this DL to send project specific messages to the project members, which removes the manual switching and forwarding of emails as is the case at the moment.


  • What is the name of the distribution list?
    VSTS Rangers will receive an email with the appropriate details.
  • How do you get access to this DL?
    When you join any of the new VSTS Rangers projects, you will automatically receive access. Also all currently active VSTS Rangers have been added and have been sent a notification.
  • Can I send a message to all external VSTS Rangers?
    If you are a member of the DL you can send a message to DL, otherwise your message will be rejected.
  • What if I do not want to receive all the messages from other projects?
    The protocol for the DL is to specify the VSTS Rangers project name, colon and then your subject as the subject to allow you to use rules and file/filter incoming messages.
    For example: TFS Integration Platform : WSS Samples is part of phase 2

We will monitor the impact and act accordingly if the noise is becoming too excessive and counter productive on the new distribution list.

Join us next time for the third and last planned VSTS Rangers process innovation for this year.

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