Now that my mobile development centre is ready … I can go home and enjoy the weekend :)

Not sure if the magnitude of my latest Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM) will be apparent to everyone, but I now have a fully “integrated” application lifecycle management  (ALM) environment, with version control, work item tracking, automated build support and lots more running on my laptop in a VM.

image CLIPART_OF_12412_SM

  1. I am running a client operating system
  2. I have limited RAM … I could give more, but am testing the limits 🙂
  3. I only have SQL Express
  4. Yet I am running Team Foundation Server (TFS) Basic 2010 in the VM, on the client OS, with little RAM and only SQL Express as the database.
  5. Oh yes, the background image is also cool 🙂

See Brian’s blog TFS 2010 for SourceSafe Users for the background information or watch Zayd’s blog for more news on this exciting product.

Acronym’s Used

| RAM – Random Access Memory | SQL – Structured Query Language | TFS – Team Foundation Server | VM – Virtual Machine |

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