Sorry for the radio silence … enjoyed the Canadian “cold” and a huge Thanks Giving Turkey

This long weekend we enjoyed two new adventures since stepping onto Canadian soil some eight months ago. Friday night and Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful camping weekend with friends at a remote camping ground past Chilliwack in British Columbia. –2 degrees Celcius were a harsh introduction to the Canadian autumn. The scenery, as shown by these pictures, was phenomenal and the wood hunting quad trips with Sean will be a great memory … even the puncture we had on one of the trips as we were descending down from the mountains. had we not been able to patch the tyre temporarily, we would have spent hours walking home in sub zero temperatures 😐 Sean is also South-African and “a boer maak a plan” … we limped back to the camp site, repaired the tyre and rushed out to get the wood for the night again.
PA110109 PA100084 PA100085 PA100089 PA100092 PA100105 PA100095 PA100104 … check how clear the river water is!

Sunday morning we had to rush back to Vancouver, where our youngster played in two soccer tournaments … he enjoyed both games and ran around like a wound up robot for both games 🙂
PA120114 PA110112

In the evening we visited our dear friends Tom and Lorissa and enjoyed a HUGE thanks giving Turkey with their family. The Canadians celebrate this special event in October, while the Americans seem to celebrate in November. Ask for no details … we are still trying to figure out what all these special occasions are about., needless to say the Turkey, the food and the desert was phenomenal 🙂
PA120124… Lorissa’s daughter. As you can see the Haloween Pumpkins are busy invading.

After a hectic weekend we are now shutting down as a family and relaxing … tomorrow is another day and quite an important one as we are introducing one of our VSTS Rangers projects.

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