Team Foundation Server 2010 BETA-2 … Getting Ready (Alert 1)

Orange Person Seeing Stars And Lying On Their Back After Slipping In Front Of A Caution Sign Clipart Illustration Image If you are planning to prepare a virtual base image, with all the pre-requisites loaded, in preparation of the Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 BETA-2 installations that many of us will be confronted with in due course, then ensure that you install Service Pack 2 when using Windows Server 2008. We had problems as part of our dog fooding and testing with the installation of Service Pack 2 on images that had all pre-requisites loaded, so we recommend that you install Windows Server 2008, then Service Pack 2 and then only the rest of the pre-requisites.

Just a small nugget, that may save you lots of time and frustration when BETA-2 emerges behind the horizon.

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