New VSTS Rangers Project – VSTT 2010 "Team test" Guidance

Geoff Gray Geoff is heading up this exciting project. Included in this post is the vision and the objective of the project, whereby I am more than happy to discuss more details with you if needed. For the sake of text re-use, all text indicated in italic has been copy-pasted from the project announcement emails from Bijan:


Provide guidance for VSTT 2010 based on real world best practices from PG SMEs and VSTS Rangers to help customers successfully adopt the new features.


This project’s goal is helping the Rangers to deliver version 2 of the already released VSTT 2008 Quick Reference Guide on Codeplex. This guide has been extremely well received by our customers and partners with almost 4K downloads and top feedback and rating.  

Version 2 will make the guide even more valuable by adding information about cool new 2010 features like web test recorder plug-in to make record playback work across a variety of applications, new logging and analysis features, and reporting results in Excel. See more details on Ed’s blog. The 2010 release is also about converting the guide to an interactive help system format for easier use.

Based on new Rangers quality standards, we plan to deliver a HOLs (Hand on Lab) to get you up to speed with minimum effort. The updated material is scheduled to be released with the VSTS2010.

The team working on this project is phenomenal and we are looking forward to keep you informed with the progressed of this project in the future.


  • GDR - General Distribution Release

  • PG – Product Group

  • SME – Subject Matter Expert

  • VSTT – Visual Studio Team Test

  • VSTS – Visual Studio Team System

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