TFS Migration Tools: Conflict resolution … a peak at the (less painful) future: Part 2

We promised a less painful future, but in TFS Migration Tools: Conflict resolution … a peak at the (less painful) future: Part 1 we again had to fiddle with the configuration file to add a manual rule as part of the new hands-on lab. Hmmmmmm …image

But there is more and in this post we will introduce you to the future of conflict resolution in the world of the TFS Migration Tools.  We select and start the new ConflictManagementTool … the sun is rising and the splash screen (shown right) promises a lot 🙂



In essence we export the Bug WIT from team project TP-C, remove priority level 4 and import the revised definition. We then ignite the dynamite by creating a bug with priority 4 in TP-A.

Running a Migration to see what happens

We run the program MigrationConsole.exe, passing our configuration file and as expected we see a TFS WIT invalid field value conflict type.

Now what … 🙂 the new tool to the rescue

To cut a long conflict resolution story, using command line tools and XML files short, we switch to the ConflictManagementTool and select refresh.
image … much better!

To resolve the  conflict we select the “Resolve invalid field value conflict by using value mapping” action, add an arbitrary comment (in real life, define a meaningful description that you will understand 3 months down the line) and map the priority level 4 to 3.

We select the Preview button, preview the resolution and then select Resolve to accept the resolution. Done … really?

Running the Migration again

We run the program MigrationConsole again and looking at the trace we notice that world peace has been restored.



Knowing just how painful the conflict resolution was, I am tempted to jump up, flip over and give the new environment 5 stars. This tool is magic and we are definitely on the right road.

I will, however, give it imageimageimageimagestars … to motivate the core team to address our observations and feature requests 🙂


In the next associated blog post, we will shift our attention from Work Item Template (WIT) conflicts to Version Control (VC) conflicts. See you then …

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