VSTS Rangers Projects – Virtualizing VSTS 2010: Who are the Leads?

We introduced the leads for VSTS Rangers Projects – VSTS 2010 101 Guidance: Who are the Leads? … let’s continue the introductions, by chatting about the next project which is close on the heels of the VSTS 2010 101 Guidance project. As always you can refer to a a summary of the initiatives here, or visit our VSTS rangers site here.



TFS VM Guidance

Non-MS VM Guidance

VM Automation

Bijan Javidi
VSTS Core Ranger
Paul Meyer
Jason Neave
Ted Malone
Team System MVP
Willy-Peter Schaub
VSTS Core Ranger
Bijan Javidi Paul Meyer image_thumb[2] TedMalone Willy-Peter Schaub

The team is on the verge of running a TR9 re-run, including an introduction to all of the latest bits in terms of guidance and automation. This is truly an exciting and immensely valuable initiative, which will be bringing smiles to many regions  around the globe. As with VSTS 2010 101 Guidance, we will ship guidance with team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 BETA-2, allowing you to do pro-active investigation and planning before the next era of TFS and VSTS ships.

A huge THANK YOU for the knowledge, the experience and especially the passion that these feature area leads and their feature area members are contributing to this initiative

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