VSTS Rangers Projects – VSTS 2010 101 Guidance: Who are the Leads?

I believe it is time to introduce the feature area leads of this exciting initiative, which will be releasing the second BETA package drop to the Team System MVPs shortly. The feedback we have received from the reviewers, especially from Steven, has been very positive.

photo … Steven van Niekerk, Technical Lead / Architect, BB&D South-Africa

The team is looking forward to the next drop, which we are planning for September 15th and especially the final release which will ship guidance with team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 BETA-2, allowing you to do pro-active investigation and planning before the next era of TFS and VSTS ships.

Here are the leads of the various feature areas of this project:

Core & Review Videos Planning Design Dev+Debug Test Build Database

Bijan Javidi &
Willy-Peter Schaub
VSTS Core Rangers

Richard Hundhausen

Team System MVP

Zayd Kara

SAArchitect Lead

Eric Golpe


Nathan Manis


Brian Blackman


Wayne Ewington


Mark Brown


Bijan JavidiWilly-Peter Schaub Richard Zayd Kara Eric Golpe Nathan Manis Brian Blackman Wayne Ewington Mark Brown

A huge THANK YOU for the knowledge, the experience and especially the passion that these feature area leads and their feature area members are contributing to this initiative.

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