Team System MVP colleagues put Portuguese and Spanish on the Menu

Clipart Illustration of a White Character Holding A Clapper And Standing With Film Reels At His Feet First Ramon delivered a book in Portuguese, see Ramon puts Brazil on the TFS map with the “Managing software projects using Visual Studio Team System” book for details.

Now Francisco delivers a range of screencasts in Spanish, which you can find here. The screencasts cover VSTS 2010 Team Architect and are also available for download in wmv and mp4 format. Enjoy these exciting recordings!

I now have a problem … which language should I learn first? I was planning to go for Portuguese evening classes after completing my annual batch of exams in November, but now it seems as if I will have to seriously consider Spanish as well. Decisions, decisions …

Anyway, well done guys! You “rock” for supporting your local communities!

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