VSTS 2010 101 Guidance get’s the thumbs up for BETA-1

In June we introduced Steven and the “Steven Scenario” here, which was the core reason for this ambitious initiative based on Steven’s request: “Can you tell me about TFS and VSTS in 5 minutes”.

Two months later, on Friday August 28th, we forwarded the BETA-1 package to Steven for comment and received the following feedback after a short time-zone catch-up period:

  • I was able to skim all the content in the entire pack in about 15 minutes and get a good feel for what VSTS 2010 is all about. The sheer quantity of info on the posters though does require one to go back and have a good long look at each one. The fact that one can derive a good background with just a skim is great and now that VSTS 2010 has got my attention I want to go and spend a little more time going through the posters picking out more detail.
  • This fits my bill perfectly. Generally only having time to skim new items, being able to derive enough info to make me want to find out more is exactly what I am looking for.
  • The quality of the posters are also fantastic. Very slick and very professional.

The following feedback was received after Steven had time to mull over the content:

  • My only very minor criticism is that the overview posters are great for the purpose of getting an introduction during a coffee break scenario whereas the reference posters add a bit too much detail unless you have worked with or at least started playing with the software. It may be an idea to create a separate introductory overview only package or perhaps put a differentiation into the package for overview and reference. I think it will help target the content for two slightly different audiences. The overview targeted at the curious and the reference for the new convert trying to get started. The two immediate ideas I had for a differentiating were to add an index of sorts to the "read me first" file and the other was to split using folders.
  • Clipart Illustration of a White Character Fitting Two Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces TogetherI definitely give the 101 pack the thumbs up. I think you and the team have hit the nail very directly on the head.

The last point triggered the next phase of this project. We are now asking the MVP for comment on the available bits, while continuing to complete the missing puzzle pieces and addressing Steven’s “very minor criticism” 🙂


  • MVP - Team System Microsoft Most Valued Professionals
  • TFS – Team Foundation Server
  • VSTS – Visual Studio Team System

Steven van Niekerk
Technical Lead / Architect
BB&D, South-Africa

This is a huge milestone for us, because we are now on track to ship the final deliverables, including videos and build guidance sheets, with the VSTS|TFS 2010 BETA-2 release. This ensures that you can pro-actively prepare and plan for TFS and VSTS 2010, before the product ships for production use. It also allows us to re-use the deliverables as part of other VSTS Rangers projects, such as Virtualizing VSTS 2010.

Thank you Steven for assisting us with this initiative and for the positive words!

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  1. Steven van Niekerk says:

    Thanks Willy for the involvment in this initiaive. It has been great to see it take shape. To you and all the VSTS Rangers: You guys are doing a fantastic evangelical job for VSTS 2010 and these info dumps are really going to help speed adoption and smooth out any hiccups.

  2. TheCPUWizard says:

    Let me be the first to congratulate the team and Steven for this fantastic job!!!!

    VSTS/TFS is a comprehensive system that can be daunting when one first encounters it, and this effort will go a long way in getting clients to understand the advantages it can bring to their development efforts.

    Keep up the good work!

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