New VSTS Rangers Project – VSTS 2010 "DataDude" Guidance

Clipart Illustration of a White Businessman Speaking Through A Red And White Megaphone, Symbolizing Attention And Announcements Lee is heading up this exciting project. Included in this post is the vision and the objective of the project, whereby I am more than happy to discuss more details with you if needed. For the sake of text re-use, all text indicated in italic has been copy-pasted from the project announcement emails from Bijan:


Provide guidance for VSDB 2010 based on real world best practices from PG SMEs and VSTS Rangers to help customers successfully adopt the new features.


Data Dude changes the way customers approach data centric application development. It is a paradigm shift and best practices are not known yet. We believe that providing good guidance leads to accelerated adoption of Data Dude.

This project will provide guidance to help customers successfully adopt the new features introduced in the GDR and VSTS 2010.  This guidance will go above and beyond the product documentation and will be based on real world best practices from expert customers and the Microsoft field. The main deliverable will be posted on CodePlex as usual but we also provide a Hyper-V image for internal use which will include hands on labs. All other details will be owned by the project team.

The team working on this project is phenomenal and we are looking forward to keep you informed with the progressed of this project in the future.


  • GDR - General Distribution Release
  • PG – Product Group
  • SME – Subject Matter Expert
  • VSDB – Visual Studio Team System Database Edition
  • VSTS – Visual Studio Team System
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