When you question whether you are setting a good example for your kids…

When I finally their found my youngest son, snoring away in front of their PC at 5AM in the morning, I started to wonder if we are setting a good and healthy example for our kids 🙂 He obviously wanted to finish whatever he was busy with on the PC, but ran out of steam … yet decided to stay close to the Intel brain and the exciting bits and bytes.


Makes you think …

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  1. laurenteeter1 says:

    Kids copy what their parents do. If daddy or mommy does it, then it must be okay. It’s very important that we set limits, especially using our PC and staying on line. It’s unhealthy for kids to stay too long on the Internet.

  2. Magssno says:

    Something similar happened in our house. Something has to change!

  3. Gunnar says:

    Looks like very young programmer in death march project. Pile of empty Coce cans and burger papers are only missing 😛

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