VSTS Rangers Projects Status: Current Projects on path of completion and new projects lurking over the horizon

It is an exciting time of the year in which we are busy completing a batch of strategic guidance projects aimed at team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010. We are well on track to release as planned with TFS|VSTS 2010 BETA-2, Orange Person Stuck In The Middle Of A Circle Of Caution Signs Clipart Illustration Imagein other words well ahead of the release to market timeframe for TFS and VSTS. The fact that guidance, in particular, was usually only available after the release to market caused many headaches in the field, many of which I personally experienced.

We often faced an environment in production that could have been implemented better had we had the necessary guidance … but as we all know, once a system is in production, especially in a development and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) environment, it is sheer impossible to change the implementation. The early availability and exceptional quality of the guidance will be a huge milestone and strategic value add to all potential users of TFS and VSTS 2010 … we for one are very excited.

To summarise the solutions you will soon see emerging … first for review within the Microsoft Most valued Professionals (MVP) and Technical Lead communities and then as official VSTS Rangers solutions on Codeplex include:

  • TFS 2010 Requirements Management Guide
  • TFS 2010 Upgrade Guide
  • TFS 2010 Branching Guide
  • TFS Migration Tools (ex. TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit)
  • Virtualized Deployment of TFS | VSTS Guidance and Base Images
  • VSTS 2010 “101” Guidance Sheets

The other great news is that the first of four new VSTS Rangers Projects has been announced and we are in the process of initial preparations and inviting MVPs to be involved.

VSTS 2010 "DataDude" Guidance

Abstract (as defined by Bijan): Data Dude changes the way customers approach data centric application development. It is a paradigm shift and best practices are not known yet. We believe that providing good guidance leads to accelerated adoption of Data Dude. This project will provide guidance to help customers successfully adopt the new features introduced in the GDR and VSTS 2010.  This guidance will go above and beyond the product documentation and will be based on real world best practices from expert customers and the Microsoft field. The main deliverable will be posted on CodePlex as usual but we also provide a Hyper-V image for internal use which will include hands on labs. All other details will be owned by the project team.

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