VSTS Rangers – What’s on the remaining 2009 menu?

At TechReady 9, our VSTS Rangers chief, introduced the chef’s menu in the Chalk Talk (CT) sessions. The top chef was, as mentioned previously, Bill Heys who cooked up a storm in the Branching Guidance CT as shown in the illustration below:
P7290334 … master chef Bill Heys, VSTS Ranger, in the TFS Branching Guidance 2010 session.

So, what does our VSTS Rangers menu look like for the next few months of 2009?


VSTS = Visual Studio Team System, TFS = Team Foundation Server


We will be releasing early bits of the new wave of VSTS Rangers solutions during September to the Team System and associated MVP community for early feedback. Give me a shout if you would like more details on what and when we will be releasing if you are interesting in pre-viewing, reviewing and giving us candid feedback.

The VSTS Rangers Chalk & Talk sessions hosted at TechReady 9 will be re-run and recorded. Watch this space for the schedule of the sessions.

Main Meal

Our most recommended menu item is the release of the VSTS Rangers solutions with TFS|VSTS 2010 BETA-2, proactively delivering stop-gap solutions and guidance for the 2010 environment.

Also on the main meal is the imminent announcement and start of the next wave of VSTS Rangers solutions. While the current solutions are primarily about pro-active guidance, the next wave will include strategic stop-gap solutions. The VSTS Architecture recipe is one that will appear … watch this space for details.


The desserts include the feedback on a recent VSTS Rangers recognition survey and our exciting plans around the recognition program, as well as some exciting activities around Scrum in the TFS|VSTS world.

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