VSTS Rangers Projects – A few “fun” pictures from TechReady where the VSTS Rangers cooked up a storm

Just a humorous update, proving that the often serious VSTS Rangers can also cook up a storm and have fun. Enjoy some of the snapshots made during TechReady9 VSTS Rangers sessions:


<< Bijan, chief and father of the VSTS Rangers

Mike, from the TFS 2010 Requirements Management team >>


<< Pramod, from the TFS 2010 Upgrade Guidance team

James, from the TFS Branching Guidance 2010 team >>


<< Bill, from the TFS Branching Guidance 2010 team. Bill wins the chef of the week award!


Some other pictures taken at the event:

P7290331P7280324  P7270310 P7270312 P7270315 

It has become apparent to me just how passionate and knowledgeable all of the VSTS Rangers, who prepared and presented the sessions this week, are … and I am very honoured to be part of this team. However, without the help of all the VSTS Rangers project contributors we would not be where we are today and we would not have managed to achieve the high satisfaction and resultant high average we have for our sessions. When I last checked the average of our 6 VSTS Rangers sessions stood at 90% … phenomenal.

Guys, to put it in one word, you all “rock”!

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