VSTS Rangers Projects – VSTS 2010 ‘101’ Guidance is evolving

Before you go for an eye test or dig out your microscope to decipher the content of the next image … stop. The intention is not to show you the detail, because we are still in the process of revising and finalising the content, but to support the transparency objective and inform you that we are well on track with this initiative. The VSTS Rangers team is working hard,  is having fun (at times) and is busy creating 101 guidance for VSTS 2010 that you will find value in.


You will notice a number of guidance sheets and a number of quick reference posters emerging. What we are planning to add to the collection, other than continuously revising the above guidance which addresses the “what” and “why”, is to add focused whitepapers and guidance to address the “how”.

What is missing above, in case you cross checked the items above against our initial objectives, is the build guidance sheet. This hole will be plugged in the next iteration 🙂

Clipart Illustration of a White Character Leaning Against A Competed Jigsaw Puzzle Wall … our current status is:

All in all, we are on track to soon have a happy Steven, whom we mentioned in Can you tell me about TFS and VSTS in 5 minutes … the “Steven Scenario”.

Next week we will be running dry-run sessions for two of the other VSTS Rangers projects, namely Virtualizing the Deployment of VSTS 2010 and TFS Migration Tools. Watch the space for feedback from those sessions.

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