VSTS Rangers Projects … so who is contributing?

Instead of rambling about the VSTS Rangers projects or some of the nitty-gritty details, it is time to switch the hat and focus on the “humanoid” factor.

The question as to what makes the people “volunteering” to work on VSTS Rangers projects is best left for them to explain. Many work their 60-80 hours (or more) week at work, then switch to community work, attending team meeting that are hosted as Live Meetings, involving members around the world, for many at odd times of the day or night … yet they still contribute “passionately” to these projects. Truly amazing!

What I do know, is that each of the active contributors is sharing a healthy mix of passion for technology, especially Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), professionalism, hard earned experience and in many cases an additional drive to not only work on more than one project, but to even take responsibility for leading some strategic areas within each project. The slide I created below, includes “some” of the pictures of the contributors and the names of all the contributors who volunteered for the latest challenge of the latest six projects (get details of the projects here) … we will have a follow-up slide which shows the survivors and the champions of the champions once the latest wave of VSTS Rangers projects are shipped.


I hope that people such as Ruari Plint and Danny Naidoo are noticing this blog post, because although they are not contributing to the VSTS Rangers projects, they are partially to be blamed, or should I rather say, congratulated for the strong community involvement and passion we are seeing from South-Africa these days.  If you are from the South-Africa communities, especially SA Architect, then see if you can spot your community leads.

The “father” of the VSTS Rangers is obviously Bijan and he also deserves a huge thank you for creating and driving such a strong group of professionals and initiatives that are filling missing feature gaps and addressing technology adoption blockers “pro-actively”.

It is time for the robot to bow …
Blue And White Robot Holding His Own Head in His Hands Clipart Illustration

… because the biggest THANK YOU must go to the families of the VSTS Rangers who have to sacrifice and bear a lot. Even my three boys laugh when I say “just another 15 minutes” or actually ask me why I am not switching on my laptop, if I decide to have a bit-less evening or weekend.

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