Synergy … a poor man’s KVM switch? No Way!

image I spend the day in Redmond yesterday and apart from having a great meeting with team colleagues from the “DevX Customer and Project Management” team, I spend just over an hour with “the” Brian Keller chatting  about the projects we are working on together and getting his advice on session recordings.

BUT, the gem of the day was when he said “hey Willy, have you seen this yet” … moving his mouse cursor between two monitors and copy pasting text from the right to the left monitor … so what, extended monitors you may think?

Nope, they were monitors connected to two different physical machines and he was controlling both with one keyboard and one mouse. Brian is probably still laughing a day later, because I must had the “confused look” of the century on my face.

Here is the secret:

Look at this tool. I have, I am converted, I have literally thrown (gently moved) one keyboard and mouse into my drawers and am excited about the value this open source utility brings.

Thank you Brian!

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