VSTS Rangers Projects – WCF Load Test Tool 3.0: Some interesting features

Smart Blue Man Seated With His Legs Crossed, Brainstorming and Writing Ideas Down in a Notebook, Lightbulb Over His Head Clipart Illustration We announced version 3.0 in the post VSTS Rangers Projects - WCF Load Test Tool 3.0 Ships, giving you a high level overview of the tool. In this post I would like to re-visit the code generated by the tool and highlight why I believe some of the features are really interesting.

Other than Fiddler support, which I know will please at least two of my colleagues James and Jean-Pierre, I feel that the following two code snippets add some mention:


  1. Customise* … each test method receives a Customise method, which allows us to develop custom code which updates and/or randomises the test data for load tests.
  2. *.Begin|EndTimer … you can use the command line tool or the wizard to enable the generation of timers around the operations. The timers are accessed through the TextContext object and available (visible) in the Visual Studio Load Test interface.

Simple extension, which add immense value, yet keep the test methods mean, lean and clean.

Watch the space for more news on this great tool.

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