The new life at Microsoft and living in Canada … what have the first 4.5 months been like?

We have just scratched another month into our calendar in our new home in Canada, far away from Africa. As mentioned on previous posts the challenges of any move are enormous there are three things vitally important before you jump on the plane or ship: planning, planning and planning!

My dear friend Brian visited us for a week and we explored more of the surroundings and now have another fan of Vancouver 🙂 This place has something addictive about it, the sheer beauty of the surrounding, the friendly people, the efficient  public transport, …

___1___3 __4   ___2

What is also great about such a move, is the unpacking of boxes. We still have many sealed boxes, but this weekend I was searching for something my boys were looking for and stumbled over a few pictures of nostalgia. A time warp back to the early-mid 80’s … can you recognise anyone on the picture?

image image

Really looking forward to the next few weekends of explorations, especially as our oldest son is visiting us for four weeks, and to unpack more boxes … finding more treasures we have long forgotten 🙂

More importantly, in terms of my blog, is obviously the life at Microsoft. I can only say busy, interesting, exciting and challenging … looking forward to each day at MCDC (Microsoft Canada Development Centre). WOW … watch the space for some really “cool” VSTS Rangers solutions that are under construction.

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