Team Explorer (TE) 2005|2008 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Interoperability

In Good news for TFS 2005, 2008 and in future 2010 users in terms of compatibility … ‘ZAYD’ take note Gold Business People Connected By Atoms, Symbolizing Teamwork, Brainstorming, Creativity And Ideas Clipart Illustration Imagewe briefly mentioned support in Team Explorer (TE) 2005 and TE 2008 for interoperability with Team Foundation Server 2010. So we have the good news that TE2005 and TE2008 will both the capable of working with Team Foundation Server 2010 … what is the (interim) challenging news?

Until we get the upgrades you can use Team Explorer (TE) 2008 to connect to the default collection of the TFS 2010 environment. If you have more than one team collection, you therefore need to use TE 2010 to see all of the collections, as TE 2008 will stubbornly pretend that there is only one collection, the default.

The upgrades for both TE2005 and TE2008 will be addressing this interim hiccup.

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