VSTS Rangers Projects – VSTS 2010 ‘101’ Guidance, meet the role images

Role Images?

For the VSTS 2010 ‘101’ Guidance project we have suggested new role images to visually highlight the roles for which each of the guidance sheets are applicable. Meet the project manager, the business analyst, the architect, the developer, the tester and the build master:
As you can see the love for the “cool” images has crept into this project as well 🙂

  • What do you think of the images?
  • Is “Build Master” a well understood role description?

What is this project all about?

For each role, this project will deliver a one-page ‘101’ guidance sheet highlighting the relevant key VSTS 2010 features, additional detailed guidance where applicable and an overall quick reference poster. The idea is empower all stakeholders of a software development project to digest the ‘101’ guidance in 5-minutes while enjoying a coffee at their next break and to refer to more detailed guidance if needed.

We are very excited about this initiative … watch this space for more news.

Comments (4)

  1. I love the images, as I like all the images in your posts!

    I think that you are missing the esssential roles of the ‘End User’ and the ‘Designer’.

    The role of the build master is an interesting one. It is a role that is crucial to the project, but is not always in place. The workload of the role is mainly in the beginning of the project when the build is set up. Whenever the build is running, then the role is not very important any more (only monitoring is left).

    It is a good idea to define the role so it is not forgotten when forming the team.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ewald. The build master role has always been close to my heart, I have had many battles with project managers who cannot understand the associated cost and often wondered how we can raise the value of the role. It is the chicken or the egg scenario, because unless we can commit bandwidth to the role, we can never prove the value to the stakeholders … although I know of at least two senior project managers who now insist on the role 🙂 It was a hard battle, but we conquered at least two strongholds on the project beachhead.

    In terms of ‘end user’ I agree that it is missing from the shown roles. The reason for this is that our 101 guidance is focused at the users of Visual Studio Team System, rather than the users of the business solution. Give me a ‘ping’ if you would like moire details on our 101 guidance initiative, which would explain why the end-user is missing.

    The ‘Designer’ role dod spark a few discussions when we were debating the 101 guidance sheets, the focus and the roles. We eventually collapsed roles such as architect, systems analyst, designer and technical lead into the "Architect" role, as the guidance sheet is focusing on the Architect SKU of VSTS.

    Does this make sense?

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