Hyper-V: Notes to self … perhaps I will remember next time … part 3

Continued from part 1 and part 2.

caution2 Some additional notes to remember when sharing Hyper-V images:

  • As mentioned in part 2, remove all snapshots … in essence merging all staged environments into one.
  • Unbind all network adapters, otherwise anyone importing the virtual machine may get unnecessary warnings.
  • Dismount any DVD and/or ISOs references by the virtual machine, again to avoid unnecessary warnings.
  • Finally EXPPORT the virtual machine and share all artefacts from the export.

I accidentally copied the directory containing my test import of my export … not a good mistake to make, because no-one will be able to import the virtual machine. In other words, before copying 10GB across the LAN/WAN, ensure you have the right directory 😐

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