Visual Studio Team System 2010 – BETA 1 ships!

This is a huge and long awaited milestone and having had the privilege of working with the product group over the past few months, I appreciate the effort, the commitment and the passion that was Clipart Illustration of a Relaxed White Character Sitting In A Broken Blue Easter Egginvested in this deliverable. BETA 1 has hatched!

The main objective of this BETA is to get feedback on product designs principles as part of the development process and it is important for you to realise that acquiring Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 SP1 is a good way to get ready for the future Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 release.

The feedback on community technology previews (CTP), internal dogfooding and from VSTS Rangers using the product on the current projects, has been phenomenal and you look forward to a tidal wave of features, stability and performance.

Here are a few treasure map links for the Microsoft Software Development Network (MSDN) users:

  • Go here for the MSDN downloads, which will feature VSTS 2010.
  • Go here for the VSTS 2010 products page
  • Go here for a list of VSTS Rangers projects focused on VSTS 2010.

The following image shows the good news of two TFS|VSTS 2010 based images completing the installation of Team Suite 2010 successfully, thus completing the implementation of 2010 on our VSTS Rangers Hyper-V R&D server 🙂
image … I LOVE the green tick 🙂 What I also love is the right hyper-v image, running a 64-bit single server ATDT + VSTS instance!

My first impressions out of 5 image_18‘s:

TFS 2010 Installation Guide image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18b
Installation and configuration of pre-requisites image_18image_18image_18image_18b
Installation of TFS 2010 image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18
Configuration of TFS 2010 image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18
Installation of VSTS 2010 image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18
Configuration of VSTS 2010 image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18
Look and feel of VSTS 2010 image_18image_18image_18image_18image_18

Enjoy the evaluation journey! We will be dogfooding this release on all VSTS rangers projects and will, as promised, share findings, experiences, headaches and everything involved in a dogfooding exercise.

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