Erich Witt … remembering a “very” special person!

It is at times like these that one realises how precious life is and how insignificant some of our humanoid, often self-inflicted, stress adventures are.

Our dear friend Erich Witt, my oldest son’s godfather, our trusted advisor, my great wine and Schnapps buddy has finally lost his last battle and has passed away on the 13th May. He is the main reason we are in Canada today, because due to his ‘strong’ insistence and relentless guidance to explore life outside South-Africa, we eventually decided to pursue the Microsoft adventure and the associated move to Vancouver.

He is leaving a huge crater and will be missed by us all! Erich, we are hoping that you will be able to subscribe to this RSS feed from your new home and that we will make you proud!

PC250052 PA280303

… Erich in his infamous red Kanonkop shirt on the left (2006). On the right he is pictured with my three sons and my friend Brian, the pilot, on the left (2007).

Erich, we are missing you terribly!

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