VSTS Rangers Projects – Feedback on TFS|VSTS 2010 CTP testing … no, we are not behind the wave :)

Blue Man Holding a Stool and Whip While Taming a Bull, Bull Market Clipart Illustration We have been doing extensive testing of the installation and configuration of TFS and VSTS 2010, using the Community Technology Preview (CTP) releases on the run-up to the TFS|VSTS 2010 BETA-1 release, to enable the VSTS Rangers projects to dogfood the technology while creating 2010 focused guidance and stop-gap solutions.

The current initiatives are summarised here. But, we are getting off the topic … what have our experiences been so far?

Installation and Configuration of TFS 2010 CTP

The new installation experience of TFS and also that of VSTS is an experience that brings the words “smooth”, “easy”, “consistent” and “low effort” to mind. The extensive “check” points allow the user to verify both the installation and the environment on which the installation and configuration is to be done, allowing user to identify and resolve all issues before hitting the GO button. The split of the installation and configuration, combined with the new TFS Administration tool makes the configuration, the reviewing of configuration and updating of configuration a much easier task. TFS 2005 administrators will probably cry (with joy) when they experience the 2010 look&feel&features.

Running of TFS 2010 CTPs

We had a number of documented issues while installing, configuring and running the 2010 CTP bits:

  1. Reporting Services do not start, even though set to automatic.
    • Impact: This causes new team project creations to fail and reports on existing team projects to be unavailable.
    • Resolution: Our VSTS MVP, ET, came to the rescue and pointed us at one of his blog posts, which has a resolution to this common problem.
  2. Team Project creation fail with a SharePoint error
    • Impact: Team project creation fails when asking the creation wizard to create a SharePoint site as part of the creation process.
    • Resolution: While not the recommended route, the easiest is to add the “SharePoint Web Application Services” group members of the “Team Foundation Service Accounts” group.
    • This issue has been resolved for BETA-1.

there were more issues reported, but the above were the top two headaches we encountered to date.

Running of VSTS 2010 Team Suite CTPs

  1. Team Architect features are slow
    • Impact: Evaluation of the exciting new Team Architect features are very slow at times.
    • Resolution: Ensure you have enough time and strong coffee to do the evaluations, or wait for BETA-1 which includes major performance improvements.
    • This issue has been resolved for BETA-1.

there were more issues reported, but the above was the major migraine we encountered.

We can also see the horizon light up … in fact, it is already a sunny day … BETA-1 will be shipped soon 🙂

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