Hyper-V: Notes to self … TechEd 2009 revealed some great enhancements!

Just I am getting to grips with the current Hyper-V world, I heard the knocking on the wall … it’s White Person Speaking Through A Megaphone Clipart Illustration ImageTechEd 2009 and a Tsunami wave of enhancements have been announced so far:

  • 64LP Support … the scalability support is phenomenal. While Server 2008 Hyper-V supported up to 16 logical processors, Server 2008 R2 takes it to an amazing 64.
  • Processor Compatibility Mode … in essence with processor compatibility mode enabled, Hyper-V will only expose guest visible processor features that are available on all Hyper-V enabled processors of the same processor architecture, i.e. AMD or Intel.  So what? This means that a VM can be migrated to any hardware platform of the same processor architecture … migration failures are kept in check.

Go to Microsoft PressPass for more details and get ready for a world of change, not only with Hyper-V. Also have a peek at Jeff’s blog post from TechEd.

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