Hyper-V: Notes to self … perhaps I will remember next time … part 2

caution2 Continued from Hyper-V: Notes to self … perhaps I will remember next time … the beating and the lessons learnt continues…

Before you ship, delete all snapshots

Snapshots are intended for short-term snapshots, not as a long-term and wide-distribution service. Apart from becoming fragile as snapshots increase, the maintenance and confusion of files belonging to snapshots can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, I believe that the fragility is due to the large number of files and people like I, fiddling with the files.

What I have done:

  1. Exported my virtual environment, with all its snapshots.
  2. Imported the copied environment … we now have two of the same. The one is a working copy and the other a backup.
  3. Delete all snapshots from the copied environment … make sure you have time, because the merging can take considerable time.
  4. Once all snapshots are deleted, you are left with a merged and final VHD … you can copy, share and distribute the final VHD file.

If you need to support VPC and Hyper-V, start with VPC, not visa versa

Although there are posts on the world wide web documenting how to move a hyper-v image to a VPC environment, I prefer to start with a VPC and follow Grant’s blog post to migrate a VPC image to Hyper-V.

That’s it for today … I am sure there will be more soon 😐

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