Tech-Ed 2009 South-Africa … Eben announces an amazing line-up of developer sessions!

Clipart Illustration of Competitive White Businessmen Carrying Briefcases, Walking In Towards A Red Offer, Symbolizing Job Searching And Competition I just stumbled over Eben’s blog post on the developer sessions he is planning for the Tech-Ed event, in South-Africa, Durban, 2-5 August.

The menu offered is spectacular and I wonder how anyone can resist the event 🙂

Although I am now on the other side of the planet, I am watching the community and Microsoft events back home with interest, especially as South-Africa has just completed a pivotal election.

TechEd … click the image to take you to the TechED home page.

Wondering where the event is and what the area looks like? Here we go:
image … click the image to go to Virtual Earth.

See you there?

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