VSTS Rangers Project – VSTS 2010 “101” Guidance Sheets: Status Update 1

Clipart Illustration of a White Person With A Red Megaphone Head, Shouting Out Information As promised, we are pursuing complete transparency in terms of the VSTS rangers projects. I am herewith sharing with you, the outcome of the first status meeting, during which we agreed on scope, deliverables and milestones … with the proviso that you use the information as transparent awareness, not binding commitments.

See VSTS 2010 “101” Guidance Sheets for more details on this initiative.


The proposed scope now includes the following:

  • Core
    • 5-min guidance on core features for areas:
      • Work Planning / Items
      • Analysis / Design
      • Development & Debugging
      • Database Development … this used to be ‘exceeded’, now part of core.
      • Testing (Unit, Load, Automation)
      • Build Automation
  • Exceeded
    • References to ‘detailed information’


The deliverables are unchanged:

  • Core
    • Quick reference poster
    • Combat sheet per area
  • Exceeded
    • Video … we managed to convince Richard, the video guru, to keep an eye on this one 🙂


The milestones are probably not to be included in this post, as we do not want the challenging dates we are pursuing to appear in other blogs and become ‘published’. What we are aiming for is to work with the VSTS 2010 BETA-1 release and ship the guidance long before VSTS 2010 RTM is shipped. The DRAFT bits should therefore start emerging the fourth quarter of this year.

Shout if you have any questions or recommendations for this project. The team of software engineers working on this exciting initiative would appreciate any input that would allow us to make this an even better product for “you”.

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