VSTS Rangers Project – TFS2TFS Project Copy: Source snapshot available on Codeplex

As requested by the Most Valued Professional (MVP) members at the MVP Global Summit, the TFS Migration team has posted an interim source code update on Codeplex for the project located at http://tfstotfsmigration.codeplex.com/ in March, as shown in the following screen dump extract:

The reason for my blog post is two fold …

  1. One to remind everyone of the above and remind everyone that we will be releasing the public SDK and the documentation as part of the VSTS Rangers – TFS2TFS Project Copy project. See VSTS Rangers Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog for a list of relevant links for the project.
  2. Two, to highlight the fact that we can use a number of version control clients to access the code on Codeplex.
    Using Team Explorer you have to get access to the relevant project, but receive the known Visual Studio Team Explorer sandbox, which includes the work items, source control explorer and the history, which obviously matches the list above.

imageThe one problem I had was that I constantly got an access denied error, until Pei pointed me to the fact that the username must be defined as: snd\[username]_cp. You could, unlike what I did, read the instructions documented on the actual project source code page … with the exact details for each version control client =:-| … and avoid the “gnnnnffffffffffffffffff” moment.

If you are interested in more information on hosted TFS services, you must listen to the Radio TFS podcast “Oracle Support for Visual Studio Team System” and/or investigate http://www.saasmadeeasy.com/index.html.

Interesting stuff …

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