VSTS Rangers Projects – TFS2TFS Project Copy: Architecture & Toolbox Briefing Notes

Clipart Illustration of a  Diverse Group Of Business People Of D Terry Yang (Software Development Engineer) delivered an interesting first briefing on the new TFS Migration toolbox architecture today.

The session was arranged and attended by the VSTS Rangers working on this initiative. Here are some notes I made for those that missed the session, in terms of the questions raised after the session:

  • The main focus on the architecture and the revised toolkit is addressing reliability, performance and constraints of the past.
  • The new framework does not rely on SQL Express, in fact the team is currently using the SQL Enterprise edition, which means that the 4G limitations for the DB are a thing of the past.
  • The new framework is no longer a click, wait for a long time (... keep fingers crossed and eyes open all night long … ). The analysis and migration steps have been separated, which combined with the improved reliability and feedback creates an empowering environment.

image The fact that Ian commented with “the investment to the code with the new conflict manager component is simply AWESOME!!!! and “the fact that architecturally the analysis part has been separated from the migration engine is INCREDIBLE!!!” are two tell-tale signs that the new TFS Migration toolkit is definitely on the right track.

We will keep you posted on this exciting initiative, as well as the associated VSTS Rangers project. The latter aims to to take advantage of the engine room enhancements, document the public interface, supplying additional samples and making the consumption of the existing tools and the development of custom tools a lot easier and user friendly.

Thanks Terry … well done, we are looking forward to the next briefing on the 16th.

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