On a personal note … why do we have so much stuff?

Clipart Illustration of Two Orange Male Figures Lifting And Load This weekend we started unpacking our container, which had made its way across the Atlantic from South-Africa. We planned to be done in 48 hours, but I guess we will take a little bit longer. The weekend was tough, as the bones were aching from the “Microsoft Cares Evergreen Project” on Friday, and especially as a lot of sentimental stuff had been damaged between our home in Johannesburg and here in Vancouver. I did ask myself many times as to why we actually collect so much “stuff” … guess the gathering started when our three boys arrived … ‘cause most boxes were for them 😐

P4040344 … at times we had fund with the packing paper, which annoyed the commander in chief.

P4040342… at times we had tears when sentimental stuff, as the three stage rocket from my son, appeared damaged.

P4050358… we also had fun and competitions, i.e. what is in the box labelled “Caternts”? Any guesses? How about curtains … 😉

… well, I am on course today, but one thing is sure … I will enjoy sitting in my chair and not hauling boxes or calming down distressed teenagers.

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